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Solar security light with Lithium battery

  Company Profile


  Din type earth leakage and circut breakers

CB, earth leakages, DB boards


Distribution boards,


Electric Solar panels


DC TIG welding machines 200A

DC TIG welding machines 400A

AC/DC TIG welding machines 200A

  Aluminium Composite Panels

Wind Generator 1000 Watts

  Link to natural supplements and treatment
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  e-mail: icm@lantic.net

Easy Vegetable planter


Hand held Rotary seed planter 


Mister Fogger 


Petrol driller, breaker, Jack hammer

Electric Horizontal demolisher


Night Vision

Oxygen Concentrators, Portable Inogen concentrators

Oxygen Concentrator machine

CPAP Machines

Core drilling machine south Africa

Diamond Core drilling machines and accessories  

Magnetic steel Drill

          Walk behind Rollers

Bar and steel cutter and Bender

 Solar Pumps but (cost 5 times more) 


Submersible borehole pump & motor

  Borehole pumps 

industrial drain cleaner

Drain cleaning machine

Wacker, honda or Robin Rammer, South Africa

Tamping Rammers

Plate compactors, petrol diesel,

Plate compactors

Egg incubators  Poultry puckers'  

Quail cages  5 KVA Silent Diesel Generator


Booster, Pressure pumps Drain pumps

Petrol and diesel water pumps

Petrol & Diesel water pumps

Diesel welding Generators

Sheet metal slip Roller

concrete cutter,

Concrete cutter


6 KVA Petrol Generator    Electric Alternator, generator

Permanent Magnet Alternators  

Permanent Magnet Electric Motors

VDS motor speed control

Gold  detectors

Diamond tester

concrete vibrator, Electric and petrol.

Petrol and Electric Pokers


Power float, compactor 

Power Trowel / Float

Agricultural Diesel Tillers

Agricultural Trencher

Inverter Arc, TIG Welding Machines , Plasma cutting machines. 

inverter welder, plasma cutters, Tig welderinverter welder, plasma cutters, Tig welder

Diesel welding Generators

      Spot welder, stod welder

Automatic masks  Spot welders

Tailor Soft serve ice cream machine south AfricaPopcorn machine south Africa

Catering equipments &

Oceanpower Soft ice cream machine

Circulating solar pump

DC 12 V Solar circulating pump

AC 220V circulation pumps

Car roof carrier, roof boxes

Car roof top carrier boxes & Racks 

HDPE welding machines 


HDPE Geomembrane welding machine


RSA all seasons Green Turf grass Seed


Solar DC Fridge and Freezers

Ground cover sheet for weed protection

Vertical stacking pots

Dutch bucket system

Galvanised wire mesh

Green house plastic sheeting

Dome propagation

Nursery Pots

Game chairs

Agricultural and mining Drones 


Geomembrane HDPE Dam liner Plastic Sheet

Tractor Auger

Car Scanner diagnostics 

Solar Geaser and pannel

High Pressure Solar water heating system (not cheap)

Drip Irrigation system



Agricultural trailers

Polycarbonate hollow sheets


Metal sheet Slip hand roller machine


Mercury replacement

 for small Gold miner

Polycarbonate Hollow sheets

AVR Automatic voltage controller.


2.5 Ton Forklift best price

Forklifts and other lifting equipments 

Rotary tablet making machine


Concrete mixers  

  All Special price 19 Feb 2021 ,    All goods are new unless the word used be mentioned

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