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Manual for Spot welders

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    Spot Welding Machine For sale   


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In South Africa,   Also exporting to Swaziland, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia , Zimbabwe, Mozambique,

Special price 19 Oct 2019


       Full copper

Extra tips diameter 16 mm 50 mm long  R150 each incl VAT

Special price 19 Oct 2019

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Product Description 

Adopts lever-pedal type spring -pressing structure. is convenient to operate and maintain.

Has adjustable welding time and with good repetition.

Is widely applied to steel ding mild steel plate, wire work pieces and stainless steel plate etc.

Including both control for Amp and Time.

For long arms add R500+VAT

2 mm on 2 mm spot welder 220  Volt single phase 60 Amp needed.

Item no.S20  DN16: Price: R11,595  Excl VAT 60 Amp needed.

2 mm on 2 mm spot welder 380 Volt  (2 of the phases)

Item no.S20  DN16: Price: R11,000  Excl VAT

2.5 mm on 2.5 mm spot welder 380  Volts   (2 of the phases)

Item no.S25    DN 25: Price: R15,295  Excl VAT

3 mm on 3 mm spot welder 380  (2 of the phases)

 Item no.S35    DN 35: Price: R18,395  Excl VAT

If you want to make a cooling   tank you can use this hot water circulation pump. http://icmsa.co.za/AC%20Hot%20water%20circulation%20pump.htm
Main technical parameters


 Rated input Voltage(V)
220 or 380
 Rated input Capacity(KVA)
 Rated Duty Cycle(%)
 Current Range(A)
 No-load Voltage(V)
 Dimension: LWH(MM)

                           DNY, DNJ series  Portable Spot welders


    DNY 16 KVA  complete 220V  Price: R15,595 Excl  VAT 60 Amp needed.

DNY 16 KVA  complete  380V Price: R14,595 Excl  VAT

DNY 25 KVA  complete  380V Price: R18,000 Excl VAT

( for 380 Volts 2 of the phases)

We do not give address over the phone you must print direction by  clicking this link

 If you want to make a cooling tank you can use this hot water circulation pump. http://icmsa.co.za/AC%20Hot%20water%20circulation%20pump.htm

e mail: icm@lantic.net

If you do not print the Direction to our office you shall have difficulty finding it.

The series of mobile spot welding machine, small size; light weight; welder, welding can get moving.
The series spot welding machine, the main transformer silicon rails are cold copper imports, therefore, the main power transformer small, all types of small no-load current.

The series spot welding machine thyristor main circuit are non-contact switch, the circuit turn-off time for fast, accurate and reliable. Welding time can be accurate from time to time adjustment, Welding reproducible, and easy maintenance, high-quality welding can be achieved.
The series spot welding machine can weld carbon steel, stainless steel, metal and many other black, non-ferrous, rare, precious metals and alloys. A wide range of steel furniture is better than the current,
Power distribution cabinets, the production of anti-theft doors, kitchen equipment and repair welding of steel wire mesh, such as tablets.

Especially suitable for thin, medium and thick plate for welding and spot welding gap, and its reliability, stability, maintenance is simple, is the ideal choice for your welding equipment.

Product Description
Functions and Structure Characters:

(1)Suitable for welding carbon steel, stainless steel,

galvanizing plate etc, if add some flux and properly adjust the power source and weld time, various
Ferrous/nonferrous metal, rare metal such as gold, silver etc, could be welded.

(2)Suitable for welding of work piece in different position or complex structure.

(3)Two welding guns with different structure, more flexible to weld various workpieces.

DN Series Spot  Welding Machine

DN series spot welding machine has a pedal transmission lever, applying to spot welding parts of low carbon and non-ferrous metal. It has such advantages as simple structure, easy operation, low failure rate and low price.

DN2-25 portable precision spot welding machine is a new welding equipment controlled by controlled silicon. The welding machine is facilitated with adjusting installation showing the quantity of heat and welding time. It is widely used in spot welding of thin plate material for filing cabinets and switch cabinets.

With flexible cable of three meters between welding electrode and the main unit, the welding can be done at any place. The welding machine has such properties as excellent welding spot and easy and flexible operation.

DN Series Pneumatic Spot Welding Machine

DN-40 series spot welding machine makes the welding spot by partly heating with welding current and giving pressure on the heated spot. DN-40 spot welding machine is used for single spot welding with air transmission controlled by KD2 series integrated circuit controller.

It has such properties as precision welding control and stable welding quality. The machine is mainly made up of the main body, welding transformer, series adjuster, upper electrode arm with guide, pressure cylinder and the bearing for lower electrode arm.

DN-63 series spot welding machine is a general pneumatic welding machine with vertical travel. The upper electrode moves up and down straight with smooth adjusting working travel. The lower electrode is also adjustable vertically. It is used for single spot welding such as welding the parts of low carbon steel, alloy steel and some non-ferrous metal. The machine is facilitated with KD2 controller.


Model Power Voltage
Continuous Loading Rate % Specified Capacity KVA Welding Thickness
DN-16 380 6 20 16 0.5Excluding0.5~2.0Excluding2.0
DN-25 380 6 20 25 1Excluding1~2.5Excluding2.5
DN5-40 380 Continuous non-grade 20 40 0.2Excluding0.2~3Excluding3
DN-40 380 8 50 40 2.5Excluding2.5


If you do not print the Direction to our office you shall have difficulty finding it.

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