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e-mail: icm@lantic.net


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CPAP Diagnostic for Parishioners

PolyWatch Sleep Screener  YH-600

Light weight YH-600 has user-friendly interface and comprehensive report which will provide you with compliance and reliable diagnosis for further therapy.

Promise you a real sense of freedom,

Special price 19 June 2019 For Sale
 Price:  R 20,945  Excl VAT,


Portable design meets the mobility requirement. Its simplicity

and lightweight features give you a better sleep care.

Multiple parameters detection will provide you with reliable and diversified monitory data.

Automatic sleep indentify and CSA detection gives you an accurate diagnosis.

Validated report provides you comprehensive information about your sleep index. Complete analysis results assist doctors to make further treatment plan for you.


Oxygen concentrator 

Order form, Proforma invoice

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Sleep Apnea CPAP for home.




Our prices is much less than our competitions because we make our profit mainly from healthy people.

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ICM industries

Midrand South Africa

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