Internet Scams.

Advice no 1. Never trust to pay money in advance if the phone no is a Cell phone.

Advice no 2. If you are far or another country as your friend to check the address and possibly the goods.

this is sample of beautiful Performa invoices that they are offering expensive machinates for less than 1/2 price even offer that they bring it to your door for balance.

If it happened you can ask the bank at least to close down that account.                                                    Back to the main page

This is Standard bank fraud report


Advice no 3. Never give you car to a repair shop for quotation.

By law he can produce any bill and if not paid he can posses your car.

This is what happened to me and when I objected he pointed the Gun to me.

Anybody or company that has complain about "Distributor Recon centre" or Mr  Dewald Niemandt    Midrand please contact me to doing a collective Law suit against distributor recon centre Midrand.

It is three years that he has hold my car and refuses to return it.

If your case is new immediately contact consumer council, his way of business is giving a low quote verbally after a few days he send you a big bill that shocks you.

The way he works is retaining your car and if you go to court it that takes a few years by that time he scrap your car and sell the parts!

Just be careful He is Armed as well.   or Ben. Ash  011-312 3393 If busy please retry in 5 minutes.                                                                                      Back to the main page

This is story of other complainant.

On the 1/08/2014 i took a Peugeot 307 to them to put in a ECU, they charged me R 8 500 for the ECU, after many months and promises from them they could not fit it, from excuses that his father has died to the wiring is a problem, on the 12/9/2014 i finally had enough and fetched the car, he then charged me a further R 4 104 for labour. i paid the labour as he refused to give me the car back. i towed the car to a specialist in Pretoria, which informed me that i was sold a Sapphire ECU. no wonder he could not fit the ECU.

After telling him this he turned around and said he will rectify it, today is the 10/11/2014. 
He still has not done anything. After many phone calls and messages he refuses to give me my money back.
I have approached the small claims court and will post the outcome.
It really is amazing how today in the motor industry you still have company's like that around.
Hope this help you make a decision before you take your car to them.          Renier Martens <