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Easy Vegetable planter


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Dutch bucket system 

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                            MINI  Dome Greenhouse

Mini Greenhouse Propagation.

Dome Tray Cover with Adjustable Air Vents

Full Spectrum Grow Light

Size:   55 cm long, 30cm Wide, 22 cm high with plant tray

Great for Wheatgrass, Herbs, Microgreens, & More

The Dome Mini Greenhouse from ICM is an all-in-one solution for indoor gardening. 

Special price 19 Aug 2020

3 Pieces: Dome, seedling tray and water holder

Direction on Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/qQi4kzrtnPAXZDZB8

Price: R125 Incl VAT 

More than 10  R95 each

 The extra thick 10x20 tray provides excellent support for common soil based and hydroponic growth mediums.  The included clear plastic dome has adjustable air vents to allow you to control environmental conditions easily and according to your own growth methods. 

The 18 inch full spectrum grow light produces very little heat, allowing multi-day growing sessions without fear of overheating.

The ICM™  thick 1020 tray is twice as thick as standard trays, ensuring it will last season after season.

Propagator combines a combination of nutrients with organic matter to accelerate your plants root growth!

Super B+ Now at double strength is a plant growth and bloom additive that contains essential macro elements, chelated micro elements, natural vitamin B1 and our super enriched sea kelp solution. Double Super B+ also helps stimulate the growth of roots on new plants.

Getting Started

Use a mixture of potting soil, peat moss, and perlite. This comes ready-mixed in most garden stores

•Before planting seeds in soil, soak them in water or place them between wet paper towels and into a plastic bag for 2 to 4 hours

•Fill containers with potting soil to 3/4 inch below the rim. If planting seeds, sprinkle seeds over the soil and cover them with approximately 1/4 inch of additional soil.

•Water them whenever the soil feels dry. A spray bottle is a good way to add moisture without knocking over the delicate seedlings

•If a large number of seeds germinate, use kitchen shears to snip unwanted plants at soil level, rather than pulling them out of the soil. This thinning helps avoid overcrowding, which prevents the herbs from growing well 

•If you're planting young herb seedlings, dig a hole and bury the roots in the soil. If you are planting multiple seedlings in one container, plant them 2 to 3 inches apart. The seedling container can go right into a sunny spot


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Easy Vegetable planter


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Dutch bucket system 

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