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Alternators 1500 RPM


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  Oil cooler with 12 Volts fan can be used in TLB, trucks and earth moving machineries.


Air Blast Oil Cooler    R3600 excl VAT

 Air Blast Oil Cooler

Flow Rate – 20-100 LPM

Maximum Pressure – 20 Bar

Voltage – 12 VDC

Port Sizes – 1“ BSPT

In order to constantly improve the quality of our products, we retain the right to make changes to the products and specifications at any time without prior notice.

Customers have the responsibility to continuously check all the information on all data sheets.



Features Specifications:

The cooler element of the plate-fin heat type exchanger is superimposed aluminum and brazed in a furnace at controlled temperatures of around 600℃
Maximum dynamic pressure:20 bar.
Maximum static pressure:30 bar.
Max. operating temperature:120℃(Excluding the fan motor.)
To protect the heat exchanger , when installed on the return line of a system or when the equipment is started with cold oil, a by-pass valve should always be mounted in parallel to the exchanger in order to avoid excessive pressure surges.
An alternate piping method using a separate circuit from the reservoir with a small pump to drive the oil through the heat exchanger.
Filters are often incorporated into these side circuits or kidney loops , as they are sometimes called.
For all applications , with the exception of oil cooling , it is recommended to consult our technical department.


AH Series specification
AH Thread Fan Dia. Capacity
Kacl / h
Weight Phase Safety
RC"/PT" m / m △t=30℃ Hp kg Phase Approval
AH1012-3PCA* 1" 250 5,500 3~5 417*360*200 10 3 phase CE,CCC





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