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  Natural treatment only for those that do not have believe in present orthodox treatment
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For quote please send us email: icmsa@Telkomsa.net  we do not accept your e mail over the phone.





For supplying Oxygen concentrators we try to supply during lock out as well till stock last. 

( for CPAP Machine sleep apnea are different from Oxygen concentrators if you are looking for CPAP machines please click here                                                             This page is for Medical Oxygen & Respiratory

 Limited stock arrived on 26th may by air and we are online during lockdown.

If the problem is Corona Virus we can advise you on natural treatment in addition to orthodox medical treatment with no charge.     We are open during lock down.  

 Do not trust to send money to people advertising on Gumtree or Junk mail.

Some e mails do not go trough because of word Oxygen is banned by server dictionaries.

Stock limited and our quotes Performa invoices are valid only 5 days.

Oxygen Concentrators ( Generator ), Portable Concentrators, Portable Oxygen machine, Conservers, Regulators, Pulse OXIMETER & Analyzers   



 Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen concentrators are electrically-operated devices that concentrate the oxygen content of normal room air to approximately 90% at flow rates up to 5 l/min. Concentrators are convenient, cost-effective, do not require refills and are aesthetically attractive. Of all the delivery systems used by oxygen-dependent patients, oxygen concentrators are the most common and usually the most economical method to provide oxygen therapy at home.

An oxygen concentrator uses sieve-bed technology to extract oxygen from the surrounding air. This oxygen is then delivered to the patient using a plastic tube connected to a nasal cannula or face mask. The advantages of a concentrator over other forms of oxygen supply are:

Concentrators provide a continuous supply of oxygen, while requiring very low maintenance

The concentrator stays in the room in which it is placed and the person using the device can use a longer length of oxygen tubing (15 m of tubing is provided free of charge) to move around the house without having to move the concentrator

Because concentrators operate solely on electricity, it is critical that they are always supplied with a backup cylinder to ensure uninterrupted oxygen supply, even during power failure.



 5 , 8 & 10 litre /Min Oxygen concentrator                Specifications:

        (Single flow) 

    For industrial high pressure oxygen filling machine click    here
Oxygen Concentrator 10 L  R+ Pediatric (Neonatal) R2500   incl VAT  ITEM.OC10P
 Prices are up to date and we have few of each in stock.

LongfianO3 portable R10,000 Excl Vat for temporary use

Dymed-O5   Price: 5 litre/min R18,000    Excl VAT  NAPPI code: 120810- 001

 Dymed-O8  Price: 8 litre/min R24,000    Excl VAT  NAPPI code: 120813- 001

Dymed-O10  Price: 10 litre/min R27,000    Excl VAT  NAPPI code: 120813- 001

Hos-O20 industrial Price: 20 litre/min R75,000    Excl VAT for Hospitals

you can come to our office do EFT or cash and collect the machine same time.

  Click here O20 industrial oxygen machine details.

If you want quote please send e mail but not from  Gmail because most of Gmail's bounces back. many service providers Banned word "Oxygen".    

e-mail:  icm@lantic.net

Direction on Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/qQi4kzrtnPAXZDZB8

This item has wheels that can be moved inside the house.

Rated power        480W
Operation voltage  AC220V   50Hz
Oxygen flow   0-5 L/min           0-10L/min
Oxygen Concentration  93%±3%
Outlet pressure  0.04-0.07Mpa
 Alarm Power failure; low & high pressure; temperature; low purity (optional) ; maintenance (optional)
Sound Level  ≤50dB
LCD display Accumulating timing; present timing; Timing
Large LCD display (optional) Pressure digital; accumulating timing; present timing; presetting timing temperature digital;  Optional:SPO2 digital; maintenance reminding;
Electrical category  Class II Type B
Net weight  27-32 Kg
 Dimension  365*375*600mm
Atomization particle
 ≤5μ reaches 90% only for atomization type
 Low purity alarm
     (optional) +R895

When oxygen purity≥85%,the green lamp is on,
When oxygen purity is between 85% and 73%,yellow lamp is on,
When oxygen purity is <73%,red lamp is on, indicating low purity

 Pulse oximeter
Pulse oximeter will be installed to oxygen concentrator to monitor SPO2 on site

Hospital 20 Litres Oxygen concentrator   ICMO 20                                         icm@lantic.net

Portable Oxygen concentrator 

Very important: Please do not ask any info about this machine till you have one of above machines at home and tell us what litre per minute you set the machine.

Price: R19000  Excl VAT  Item no. OC3PB

incl carry bag and trolley.


Portable with battery and cigarette lighter plug

1. Oxygen density: 30%-90%

2. Power Consumption: 90W

3. Operation voltage: AC220V/110V±10;50/60Hz±1

4. Sound level:  ≤40dB (A)

5. Output pressure: 20kPa ~ 60kPa

6. Total weight: 5.4kg 


Standard Features 

1. Advanced PSA technology;

2. LED display the total working hours;

3.  Intelligent Self Diagnosis System;

4. Quotation includes: Bag, Lithium Battery & AC / Car Adaptor 


Advanced Features 

1.Portable design with battery and for car

2.Small size & light weight.

3.Intelligent diagnosis system; 

4.High efficient filters keep away most impurity and bacteria.

5.Suit only for out of the house operation.

6.Heat balance system ensure longer life span.

7.Easy to operation. One switch control/Remote control.


LongfianO3-Portable Continuous  oxygen concentrator  

This one does not have battery and is 220 volts if you install inverter on the can work inside the car as well but not at time of walking.

Price: R10,000 Excl incl VAT  Item no. OC3P

Inverter that you can install in your car for this item R995. If you one with battery only choice is the bottom item.


1.It is portable oxygen concentrator with PSA technology.
2. It can be run by vehicle DC12V, only if you use Inverter
but inverter and battery not provided.
Technical Parameter:
1. Model No.: JAY-5P
2. Oxygen Flow (L/min) : 1-3 
3. Oxygen Concentration (%) : 90~30
4. Oxygen Pressure (MPa): 0.03~0.07
5. Noise (dBA) : ≤45
6. Dimension (mm): 310×320×85
7. N.W. (Kg): 6Kgs
8. Rated Power (W) :≤75
9. Power Supply (V) : AC220V/110V

Only the two bellow items can be used with batteries.


For Hospital oxygen concentrator 20 Liters please click Here.


If you do not print the Direction to our office you shall have difficulty finding us.

The following machines can only be used a few hours a day and can not replace big machines.

Before we give you quotation should inform us that you have already a big machine at home. Also we need to know how many litres per minutes oxygen you are using at present.


Pulse Oximeter (JAX-204)     FINGERTIP PULSE OXIMETER: Price:  R 845    incl VAT  Item no. OXimeter

CE and FDA approval Fingertip oximeter(JAX-204)

Can be used in: Hospital, home, community medical treatment, sports healthcare, etc.
Can measure SpO2 and PR accurately
Low Battery voltage indication
Display mode: LED display
Power supply: Two 1.5V(AAA size) alkaline battery
Low power consumption; Shut off automatically when no signal
Small volume(57(L)x31(W)x32(H)mm)
Light, convenient to carry
Various colour of cover can be selected 
    Order form, Proforma invoice

If you want claim it back from Medical aid we can supply you NAPPI code and you can use your doctor practice no.

Courier delivery by to any address in South Africa  icm@lantic.net      

 Direction on Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/qQi4kzrtnPAXZDZB8


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                                  Order form, Proforma invoice
For quote please send us email: icm@lantic.net  we do not accept your e mail over the phone.

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