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                ICM non-pressure gasoline welding & cutting machine in South Africa


. Low cost:
Gasoline is an economic fuel, after validating, 3 L gasoline workload is equal to 1 bottle of acetylene . It can saving energy more than 80%. And it can save energy more than 50% to compare with dimethylmethane, LPG and Shoppe gas.
II. Easy operation:
There are no power, no pressure in gasoline tank and without boring set-up service before using. The torch structure is reasonable. It predigests the site clear work after using.
III. Safe and reliable:
There is all with liquid from the gasoline tank to the cutting tip, and liquid is not backfire, so the machine has no phenomena of backfire. The gasoline tank is filled with high technology flameproof material that was recommended by the Ministry of public security and Ministry of labor. The gasoline will burn slowly even directly ignite to gasoline in the tank, no exquisite burning and blast. (If the oil tank equipped this kind of flameproof material, you can weld to it even with oil.) In addition, when the cutting torch is working, even the oil tube is cut off immediately, the cutting torch will work for several minute till the gasoline used up. There is no risk of splash. It is the advance than other gasoline torch.

Gasoline tank is equipped with a normal constant pressure safety valve, on the one hand which is able to eliminate the gasoline tank in a closed state after working long hours under the negative pressure generated by the tank, the other hand, which can guarantee the tank is not to leak out while gasoline tank is careless dumped of petrol.
IV. Good cutting quality:
There are no undercut, burning sink in upside; and there are no nodulation, hung bits in downside. The cutting surface is clear without acierate and cirrhosis. It can reduce material wasting and processing difficulty hugely.
V. Adaptability extensively:
It can be used not only for cutting , welding and heating all thickness of carbon steel, but also for heat melt and flame processing of golden and silver headgear, glass, quartz, electric products, dimension stone. It can be used in metallurgy, shipbuilding, boiler, automobile, machine work, chemical plant, architecture, and farm machinery and repairing. The market mechanism is very amplitude. There are handgrip type, semi automatic, duplicating and bake torch model for cutting and heating. The Max. cutting thickness is 300mm, the welding torch can weld 1-5mm steel sheet, it can also be used for silver soldering, braze, lead welding and non-ferrous metal welding.



Prices:  LD30     R 5,925 Excl VAT   



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  VI. Fast working:
The flame temperature of gasoline cutting torch is 3000-3300℃. The warm-up time for cutting is short. Cutting speed is fast. After practice, the cutting speed can reach 500mm/min when cutting 20mm steel sheet under 20. The gasoline bake torch has driving firepower, it can save time 30-50% to compare with acetylene when heating workpieces that can save more than 90% energy.
VII. convenient transportation:

The gasoline welding & cutting machine is makeup by blast proof gasoline tank, oil-resistant rubber hose and welding & cutting torch, the total weight is only 6 kg. So it is very convenient for conveyance and taking. At the same time, gasoline can be purchased everywhere easily.
VIII. Green environmental protection:

Along with the extensive use of this product, people can save plenty of electrical power and mineral resources, reduce pollution from acetylene. And there is no reside and black smoke, no harm to the circumstance. It is contribution in the contemporary era to gain in the future.

Now the products have been sold to Japan, South Africa, Holland, Malaysia, Korea and Russia


  Special price 19 Nov 2018

Stock available.

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