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Agricultural transparent HDPE UV resistant plastic film for greenhouse

 Only for users that know the difference.

Width: 10 m

Can be joined by heating Iron tool.


HDPE woven fabric, LDPE laminated both sides,  three-layered structures

Colour  white transparent or blue transparent

light transmittance: more than 80% depends on sunlight of the area

UV stabilization:  more than 3 years under common weather 


200micron, Width 9.5 m

Strong tension:

warp sense:710 N/5cm;zonal:450N/5cm(120gsm)

 warp sense:858 N/5cm;zonal:735N/5cm(160gsm) 


Anti fog, UV resistance, anti-aging, anti-drip, 


This is very strong and very durable film to resist harsh weather condition . If you are looking for stronger and more durable film .

Our 3 layers woven fabric plastic film can meet your demands

That's because :


1. It really adopts 100% virgin HDPE material . 

 2. It is added 5% UV protection additive to increase its service life . 

 3. The technology is  HDPE woven fabric, LDPE laminated both sides,  three layer structures . It has excellent tear resistance features . 

 4. It also resist moving of the greenhouse frame . 

Long lasting HDPE Sheet 9.5 m wide 200 micron thick woven Price R255/m length incl VAT

can be welded

Best choice in tropical area where has very ultraviolet irradiation .



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For quote please send us email: icm@lantic.net  we do not accept your e mail over the phone.

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