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Dome propagation like green house


Vertical stacking pots

  Tipper Trailier (2 Wheel / 4wheel)
  Submersible borehole pump & motor pumps

Egg incubators

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  Solar borehole pump ( High cost)

Hand held Rotary seed planter 

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Tractor Auger, holes digger, trees plantation. Agricultural, industrial, landscaping and Farm use.  

Special price 19 Aug 2020



This Auger designed for planting trees and excavating holes.  With simple operation, safe and reliable, high production efficiency, convenient maintenance and other characteristics. Suitable for slopes less than 20 degrees, sandy land and hard soil. Road and orchard planting on both sides of the ideal hole - digging machinery. Can be directly matched with 35-50 horsepower tractors

Only 600 mm diameter Auger in stock

  Price: R 20,495   Incl accessories Excl VAT


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Ground cover sheet for weed protection

Green house plastic sheeting

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