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Dome propagation like green house


Vertical stacking pots

  Tipper Trailier (2 Wheel / 4wheel)
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Egg incubators

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  Solar borehole pump ( High cost)

Hand held Rotary seed planter 


Green house plastic sheeting

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Hand Rotavator, Agricultural walk behind mini Tiller, mini Plougher, Mini tractor

Walk-behind tractors (also called walking, 2-wheel or hand tractors) are used worldwide for small-scale farm, horticultural, industrial, landscaping and home use.  Special price 19 Jan 2019


Tiller: 9HP Electric start

1. 186 air-cooled diesel engine manual start.  KAMA engine or general engine.

2. You need the adjust cutter shaft, you can decide according to your required tilling depth and width.

Price: R 19000   Incl accessories Excl VAT

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You may need to make the soil wet to get good result.


Item Standard
Engine model KM186F(Diesel engine)
Starting model Electric start
Driving model Gear: Forward, Neutral, Reverse
Gear shifting 1,0,2,R
Transmission send out 1G:83 2G:145 R:63 N:0
Max. output hp (Kw)/rpm 9hp(6.6)/3600
Rated power hp (Kw) rpm 8.6(6.3)/3600
Rotary speed 3600
Tilling width (mm) 1350-1500
Tilling depth (mm) 150-300
Borex Stroke (mm) 86x70
Fuel consumption (kg/hm 2 ) min30
Displacement (ml) 406
Tyre size 4.00-8/4.00-10/5.00-12
Fuel tank capacity (L) 5.5
Engine oil capacity (L) 1.65
Productivity (h.m) min0.05
Transmission oil capacity (L) 2.5
Packing Dimension (L*W*H) 980x580x860
Certificate ISO9001:2008
Body size (mm) 1800x1350x850
Handle bar 360 angle
NW/GW (kg) 135/140
  Both Manual and Electric start with Battery.

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For quote please send us email: icm@lantic.net  we do not accept your e mail over the phone.

You can take out wheels and put the Tiller sections depending to the width that you want to till.


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