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Borehole pumps and motor Refund and Warrantee


If you buy any item from us and decide to get refund without using it you have 9 days to return it and there is 5% restocking fee.

We need to know depth and quantity of water available in borehole to check the size of pumps that fits to the borehole.

If is a new borehole you should have a certificate from drilling company. If is an old borehole we may be able to guess.

Previous motor size can not be trusted even if it was working several years.

If we do not reach agreement on the size of motor we prefer not to sell the pump because we can not give warrantee. In this case we engrave " No warrantee" sine on the motor.

Choosing stronger pump means it burns quicker.

3 phase motors must have phase protection box otherwise they shall burn as soon as one phase drops.

 Installation must be done by a professional person pumps normally get installed 5 to 7 meter above bottom of the borehole.

If there is not enough water in the borehole you have to chock water outlet to limit withdrawal and prevent borehole collapse and burning of the motor. Also this applies when you use stronger motor because of sprayers. As far as there is sprayers there is no problem if it also supplies swimming pool the out let must be only 1/2 inch.




Nation wide distributor and agent wanted.  Dealers price list if the order is over 5 pumps

Courier delivery in South Africa.

Order form , Proforma invoice                 Direction to our office  

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