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Inverter welding machines do not last in the mines and workshops.


ARC Welding Machine Series AC 
Model   BX1  Type Industrial heavy duty welding machines for Mines and Industries.

In South Africa         For sale

Similar to old Oil cooled transformer Arc welding machines.

  Industrial heavy duty welding machines SA.

Item no.ARC300, AC,380V  300 Amp   Price:R10,995 Excl VAT

Item no.ARC400, AC, 380V Price: 400 Amp   R12,495 Excl VAT

Item no.ARC400, AC, 525V Price: 400 Amp Price: R13,995 Excl VAT

Item no.ARC550 AC, 380V 550 Amp Price: R15,995 Excl VAT

Item no.ARC550 AC, 525V 550 Amp Price: R16,295 Excl VAT

Special price 19 April 2024  

Oil cooled transformer Arc welding machines are replaced with Air cooled ones..

AC Product Description
moving core, forced air cooling structure;

Stable arc, little spatter, deep penetration, ensure good welding quality;

High efficiency, simple structure, easy to operate and maintain;

Suitable for welding low carbon steel, low alloy steel structure.

 Earth clamp, Electrode included wire not included  

Because mine dust are conductive it can short all electronic circuits. But transformer type last long. 

Please note inverter type do not last more than 2 months in workshops & mines.     

Product Model BX1-500-2
Input Voltage Three Phase 380V +/- 10%
Frequency 50/60Hz
OCV (V) 75
Output current range 110-500A
Rated duty cycle 35%
Rated input current 56A
Rated input capacity 42KVA
Efficiency η 85%
COS Ø 0.99
Insulation class F
Protection class IP21S
Weight 106KG
Dimensions 595mm x 400mm x 660mm



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