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Construction bar bender


Gw40: Price:  R69,000 Excl VAT

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  Special price 19 May 2022

High Quality 40mm Steel Bar Bender, Steel Bar Bending Machine

Product details

Technical parameters
Machine type  GW42Steel bar bending machine  
Working voltage 220V/440V 
Working speed  7-10r/min 
Operation disc spec  380mm
Motor Power 4KW
Size 850*890*940mm
Weight 350kg 
motor speed  1440r/min
Packaging details iron pallet/plywood case
Axis rotate details Low speed 5r/min, high speed 10r/min

Steel bar bending machine is an ideal equipment for bending deformed steel bar, smoothly steel bar, flat steel, square steel and angle steel. The machine is able to bend steel bar with diameter5-40mm into your require and it is widely used in construction industry.

2).Suitable for steel bar, round bar, round rod, thread bar.

3).Easy operation, Convenient for moving, competitive price 

4).CE certification


This machine is  widely used in road, bridge, tunnels and other giant construction projects.

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GQ40: Price:  R69,000 Excl VAT

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Product Description

Steel Bar Cutters GW40 3KW/380V 

This machine is efficient for cutting off steel bar products on building construction, such as ordinary carbon steel, cold and hot round steel, screw thread steel, flat steel, angle steel and square steel. ( need to make knife) it's made of high steel knife seat and connecting shaft, high speed international standard motor and firm reinforcing covering. This machine is small, solid, lubricant better, little power loss, operation easy, high efficiency, convenient for moving and the knife can be controlled by manual.

Model GQ40 (with clutch)
Cutting rebar Dia (Plain Carbon Steel) Φ 6-40mm
II grade screw  thread  rebar Dia: Φ 6-32mm
Flat steel max. diameter: 70× 15mm
Cutting square steel max. spec(Q235A) 32× 32mm
Angle steel max. spec 50× 50mm
Cutting quantity: 32t/min
Motor spec: model: Y100L-2    3KW
Voltage / speed 380V    2800rpm
Dimension: 1190× 450× 680(mm)
Net weight: 360kgs
Gross weight: 415kgs
Packing size: 1270× 490× 820mm


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R 3995 excl VAT

complete with long handles


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