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 Portable Edging Machine, Edge Banding,

Price: R10,950 Excl    VAT

Portable Wood Edge banding machine

Edge trimming machine is used to seal the edges, such as wood planks, veneers, windows, trimming equipment. Cover the edges with glue. Which can be glued to both sides, then pressed with the machine to shave the corner to look smooth. It looks beautiful with polished function. To look smooth The machine works efficiently. Long service life, durable, suitable for furniture making operators With medium sizes And used in general furniture factories


Rated power: 850W

Air tube size: 8*5mm

Working pressure: 6~8Pa

Heating time: 5~8min

Glue capacity: 800ML

Edge height: 7~60mm

Edge sealing speed: 0~6m/min

Speed regulation mode: step less electronic speed regulation

Edge plate shape: curve type, linear type

Gluing method: double-sided coating

Belt cutting method: automatic belt cutting

Net weight: 30KG


Package weight: 35kg    Packing size: 53*53*53CM

Dimensions: 50*50*50CM

Continuous working time: less than 12 hours

  Double Gluing Adjustable Speed.

Power supply


Glue pot volume


Thickness of banding tape


Width of banding tape


Running speed


Working temperature


Net weight


Machine size



  • The motor has an automatic protection system. When the temperature of the glue is too low, the motor will automatically break the belt, effectively extending the life of the motor..
  •  Automatic double-sided glue, auto cut banding material, adjustable speed, meeting different work needs. Recommend for medium and low-temperature hot-melt adhesive.
  •  Kindly note this type edge bander doesn't have trimming function, it also not suitable for pre-glued banding materials. The edge bander needs to be connected with the air pump to auto cut banding material..
  •  The edge bander equipped with micro switch and self-locking foot switch, for cutting linear or curved edge banding material, which will effectively improve work efficiency..
  • The edge bander equipped with a professional device for material fixation, such as when sealing large plate materials, the fixation device can press the plate and fix it to a good position prevent the suspended part of the plate from sagging, affecting the quality and speed of the edge banding
  • Imported from USA (Sizes & Specifications are based on the USA Market).

☞ This product is especially suitable for the decoration
industry, it can be used for cabinets, wardrobes, wooden doors.

It’s a very practical desktop edge banding machine with
double-sided coating and firmer edge sealing.


▞Intelligent temperature control, high efficiency, convenient
operation and low operating noise.

▞The machine features a large-scale cylinder which is durable and
has a long service life.

▞High-quality cutter, quenching treatment, high hardness, long
service life and strong cutting force.

▞Belt cutting micro switch: the specialized linear sealing switch,
very sensitive, easy to operate.

▞800ml large capacity plastic pot, no need to add glue

▞High-quality copper core motor, powerful and durable.

▞Recommended to medium and low-temperature hot melt adhesive.




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