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Diamond Tester Selectors



When operating Diamond Selector II, use battery type 006P 9V.Lid of the Battery Compartment can easily be slid off by pushing it in the direction of arrow.
Align + & – mark on the battery (included in the kit) to the Battery Hook and attach. Insert hooked battery into the Battery Compartment with the hooked part facing the lid side of the compartment . Then, put the lid back.
Tum the Power Switch ON.
Confirm the Battery Lamp lights up. Also at this time, Level Meter will light up and this lighting signal will shift from left to right and vice versa two times. In cases when the Battery Lamp does not light up or it becomes dim, new battery is required ; replace the battery with a new one .
Wait for about 30 seconds till the Ready Lamp lights up.

The Ready Lamp will automatically light up as soon the Probe is warmed up to the prescribed temperature.


The Power Switch functions as the Volume Control to adjust Level Meter. By turning it toward ON direction, the Level Meter Lamp will light up from Green, Yellow, to Red in order.
Now, the preparation is complete and Diamond Selector II is ready for measuring.


1.Model : DT - 861
2.Power source : DC006P 9V ×1
3.Accessories : Testing Platform for loose stones, Vinyl case, Battery  006P 9V ×1
4.Net weight : 103g

Special price 19 April 2024  

R 395 complete
Incl VAT    Item no.DT-861

DS-16 300g x 0.01g LCD Mini Digital Jewelry Pocket Scale 

2. Switch on/off, a
uto power off

3. Backlight: white

4. Power supply: Alkaline battery AAA *2

5. Tare/Counting/Low power

6.Unit Switch:  g/oz/ozt/dwt/ct/tl/gn

7.Scale size:116*64*17mm
    Weight: 95.6g
    Salver size: 62.2*53.7mm

Special price Special price 19 April 2024  

R 285 incl VAT   PSC


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