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 Conversion of electric Geysers to Solar. Solar Hot water Circulating pump to work

 Automatically with Solar panels

Solar Hot Water Circulating Pump


The Highly efficient TS5 can be connected directly to a photovoltaic

panel and is characterized by its small size, high efficiency, and

extreme low power consumption. The long life brushless motor

technology provides a maintenance free quiet service life. 

This pump is perfect for Smaller family home thermal solar

systems or any circulation pump application where conventional power is not available.

You do not need battery or Voltage controller.


Direction: On Google Map you can search for ICM Industries and drive here.


e-mail: icm@lantic.net

15 Watt solar panel R195 Excluding VAT

Other sizes R12 per Watt +VAT

Circulating solar pump DC SA

To avoid air trap pump can be install any other way but not this way.

10 Watts for normal geysers R745 Excl VAT Part: 10PV

10% discount for quantity 3 or more. 

No warrantee if your system pressure is over 400 KPA  Also needs one way valve in the loop.

Since the pump works in loop water circulate in higher head as well, if you take the air out.


Voltage: 8V~24V DCStandard:12V DC

Max Flow Rate: 8.5 L/Min

Max Water Head for 5 watt pump : 1.4M   


Brass 1/2'' BSP/NPT male Inlet/Outlet

Max system pressure: 10Bar

Max working temperature: 110°C (230° F) 

Min Start-up power Consumption less than 2 Watt

Low Noise: 45db at 1m distance

The most professional Solar DC hot water circulating pump for solar hot water system and powered solar panel directly.

√8V~24V DC
√Max open flow rate:20L/Min
√Directly powered by PV panel
√Brass head with 1/2" female NPT Inlet/Outlet
√Max system pressure: 10Bar
√Max working temperature: 110°C (230° F)
√DC brushless motor with energy efficiency technology by micro processor
√Minimum start-up power consumption less than 3 Watt
√Soft start at very low in-rush current, good & convenient working directly with PV panel
√Automatic overload protection
√Automatic temperature protection

Specifically designed for the following uses:
Hot Water Circulation
Radiant Floor Heating
Solar Applications
Liquid Transfer
General Purpose Pumping
More features:
Durable permanent magnetic rotor/impeller and fine ceramic shaft
Advanced magnetic drive technology, without any leakage for ever
Long life brushless pump, ideal life for 30000 hours
Heavy duty work, can sustain continual 24 hours' work
Low noise: ≤45dB far from 1m distance
Low or no maintenance
Low power consumption
Can be customized
Special price 19 July 2024  

Specialized valve Fitment (for horizontal)TS5 work-2

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If you do not print the Direction to our office you shall have difficulty finding us

AC 220 V Hot water

If you do not print the Direction to our office you shall have difficulty finding us. 

Life expectancy is a few years but the warrantee is six months.

This is a valve specially designed to help in the conversion of standard electrical geysers to solar geysers.

Once the geyser has been drained remove the drain cock and fit it to the end of the conversion valve.

This conversion valve connects to the cold inlet of the geyser and has a 0.5 m length of copper pipe that sticks into the geyser.

Some geysers have a plastic insert in the cold inlet; this insert needs to be removed in order to connect the conversion valve.

 Some older geysers have a spreader situated about 100mm in from the cold inlet.

For these geysers a hole needs to be drilled through the spreader to allow the insertion of the conversion valve.



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