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100 AMP single and 3 Phase manual Changeover switch with heavy duty wall mount box, For sale Price: R1995 excl VAT.

The air cooled Generators are suitable for short period usage.
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Electric Alternator, generator

Permanent magnet Alternators


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AVR Automatic voltage controller




MX341B  is a three phase-controlled type Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) and forms part of the excitation system for a brush-less generator

Be applicable for separated excited alternator, brushless generator with the frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz;
Can Be Used In Parallel Operation;
Under Frequency Roll Off Protection;
With Under Frequency Indication;
Over Excitation Protection.
Technical parameters
Power Input
Voltage 140-220VAC
Current 3A/Phase
Frequency 100-120Hz (nominal)
Sensing Input
Voltage 170-260VAC or 340-520VAC (Jumper Selectable)
Frequency 50-60Hz (Jumper Selectable)
Voltage Max. 120VDC
Current 4A consecutive current output
6A instant current for 10 sec.
Excitation Resistance Min. 15Ω
Under Frequency Protection (UFRO)
Set 95%Hz (By factory)
Slop 100-300% down to 30Hz
Adjusted Rate 1% (with 4% engine governing)

AVR 3 phase MX341B Price: R1900+VAT




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