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100 AMP single and 3 Phase manual Changeover switch with heavy duty wall mount box, For sale Price: R1995 excl VAT.

The air cooled Generators are suitable for short period usage.
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  Electric Alternator, generator

Permanent magnet Alternators


AVR Automatic voltage controller.

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Electric Alternator, generator

Permanent magnet Alternators


rotary corn seeder planter

Rotary hand seeder planter

Rare  Earth Permanent Magnet Synchronous  Electric Motor 50HZ 1500RPM copper rotor.

We also exporting to Swaziland, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia , Zimbabwe, Namibia Mozambique Our Products are especially popular in Cape Town. Johannesburg and Pretoria In South Africa

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Double bearing electric 3 phase motors are high efficiency rare earth permanent magnet synchronic motors, the efficiency is IE4.

Special price 19 Nov 2020     For Sale
Copper winding.   One year warrantee

          All 1500 R.P.M   Brushless    

   Stock arrived.  we do not stock any other size.

Permanent Magnet Electric Motor  






Double Bearing Price excl VAT In


 PMEM 4.8 4 5 380 V R 16,000 5
PMEM 8 8 10 380V R 22,000 5
PMEM 12 12 15 380V R 30,000 2

Variable motor speed control 2.2 KW 220 Volts R2500+VAT

Variable motor speed control 15 KW 380 Volts R9000+VAT


e mail:  icm@lantic.net

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e-mail: icm@lantic.net


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The permanent magnet motors can withstand 1.5times rated current for 2 minutes occasional over current. Also the motor can withstand 1.5 times maximum rated speed for 2 minutes when no-load.


According to IEC60034, the motors are designed can withstand 1.5times rated voltage and rated current for 2 minutes.



Pull-out torque


Pull-out torque is an important index to reflect REPMSM overload capacity. Pull-out torque of XYT series is in the range of 2.0~2.5 which ensure good overload capacity.

Under the condition of hot state and torque increasing, REPMSM can withstand specified Pull-out torque values (tolerance) for 15s.At this point , the voltage and frequency should be maintained in the rated value.



Coupling and Driving


XYT series motor is coupling with load through coupler or belt which is outside the scope of a motor manufacturer’s supply.

XYT series motor has single shaft ,we can produce double shaft if need. The second one can deliver rated power, but only can be derived by coupling.



Technical Specification (6 pole/1000r/min  380V/50HZ )




Temperature range:


Ambient humidity:

90%less than relative humidity


less than 1000m above sea level

Ambient condition:

no causticity gas, no dust, no heavy mental pollution, no flame, no salt crystallization

Supply power:

Voltage variable


frequency variable

±2%  Combine voltage and frequency variable : ±5%


Standard Feature:



Efficiency Level




Frame Size

H80~355 cast iron frame

Protect Feature

Totally Enclosed

Output Range








Protection Class





IMB3 /IMB35/IMV1 or on your request









Special motors can be designed according to customers' requirements

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