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For quote please send us email: icm@lantic.net  we do not accept your e mail over the phone.

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Roof Top carrier boxes and Racks

( car luggage boxes)

Imported Item, made from Flexible Plastic. Similar to Thule products

South Africa, We can send by Courier to: Botswana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, DRC, Zambia, Namibia , Cape town, JHB, Pretoria, Gauteng. 

Self-drive holidays are important to us, offering us the freedom to move around and do our own activities - at our own speed."
"There is simply no better way to carry your extra luggage, skis, camping equipment, golf clubs etc. than using a roof box". Its just like having a second boot, they can free up space inside your vehicle which you never knew you had".

The difficult part could be the crossing that is not included in Roof carrier boxes.

If you have Side bars or Side gutter we have crossing to fit your car easy.

A brand new shape gives a tough of "STAR TREK" atmosphere,

Impact and UV resistant ABS construction, Gas spring opening, Locks included
 Adapters fit all rack systems
Tough weather resistant,  Leak - proof       
Special price 19 April 2020    e-mail: icm@lantic.net


                                           Same colour as below photos and you can spray them.

RB16 -150 Litres    Dimensions:110 X 64 X 33 cm R 3,145 incl VAT& installation  

RB26 -260 Litres    Dimensions:119 X 61 X 35 cm R 4,200 incl VAT& installation

  RB36 -360 Litres    Dimensions: 128 X 79 X 37  cm R 6,300 incl VAT& installation 

Order form, Proforma invoice   

These sizes looks too small for most of the cars.

WIN04   our biggest RB450 -450 Litres    Dimensions: 174 X 81 X 42  cm R7,400 incl VAT& installation 

Direction on Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/qQi4kzrtnPAXZDZB8

  Win 5 Long 445 litres size

230 X 69 X 36 Cm    

Price: R7,100 incl VAT& installation   Order form, Proforma invoice

If you do not print the Direction to our office you shall have difficulty finding us.

                                             The weight of goods inside can be up to 50 kg. We suggest you choose bigger volume boxes.

You do not need to confirm price and availability all content of this page is accurate and we have stock. Difficult part is Racks that fit correctly on cars without side bars. the only you can be sure if you bring your car to our office. We do not have information by model of the cars. If you are not sure please email photo of your car roof for us to tell you if we have crossing. our

For quote please send us email: icm@lantic.net we do not accept your e mail over the phone.


    Please do not send icm@lantic.net regarding model of your car. We can not investigate what type of Racks it can take.

For without side bars the possibility that we can fit one is only 70% and if you come to our office in Midrand. The best way is to contact your Car Agent. 

We only sell Racks and do not rent them.          Roof boxes



Fits to cars with Side top roof bars.

Two types


per set R 1395

incl VAT in stock


Please note Possibility that fits to your car is 70%


per set R 1495  incl VAT  .



      If you do not print the Direction to our office you shall have difficulty finding us.


Order form, Proforma invoice

  Contact Details                    Racks are not included    


Direction on Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/qQi4kzrtnPAXZDZB8



Tel:082 707 6900 If busy please retry in 5 minutes.     


ICM industries

Midrand South Africa

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For quote please send us email: icm@lantic.net  we do not accept your e mail over the phone.

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