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    Agricultural seedling easy planter in South Africa Special price 19 June 2024   For sale     In South Africa,   Also exporting to Swaziland, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia , Zimbabwe, Mozambique, DRC

Hand held Transplanter planter vegetable seedlings Sa

 Transplanter Price: R945 incl VAT    Item no.EP5

More than 5  R895 incl VAT    Video


    Hand held Transplanter planter vegetable seedlings

           Quick one man seedling planting


Click here to see the video how fast can be planting.

If you look at this video you can not resist not buying it.  Video


1. On the farmland which was covered by plastic film, or farmland wasn't covered by film,  then loose the handle to insert this machine into the soil.


2. At the same time, put the seedling into the machine cylinder.


3. hold the handle, lift up the machine, then the seedling was planted.


4. According to the predetermined planting distance, repeat the above steps to grow

the next one.

one set be packed in wooden/carton box or as your requirement


If you look at this video you can not resist not buying it.  Video


                   Transplanter Price:R945 incl VAT    Item no. EP5

More than 5  R795 incl VAT



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