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              Ground cover black, Landscape, Ground Mat and Weed Mat.

Landscape fabric is high quality, long-life ground covers that are excellent for your professional landscaping and weed control projects. These premium fabrics are perfect for suppressing weeds in your garden, your outdoor rows, greenhouses, orchards and nurseries.

No weeding

save water by directing to the plant.

Soil become warmer and plat growers faster.

Ground covers are UV treated and perfect for above the ground applications however they can also be used in the ground for soil stabilization.

Ground cover black, Landscape, Ground Mat and Weed Mat SA

 Virgin material UV 5%

 Weed Mat black 100 gr/m2 Size 1m wideX100m long=100m2     Price per Roll:R1595 excl VAT  in stock  Roll size: 1m X 15 cm

 Weed Mat Green 100 gr/m2 Size 3m wideX100m long=300m2     Price per Roll:R4995 excl VAT  in stock

Roll size:  L= 153 ( folded)X25 cm  30kg

For quantity over 5 Rolls 5% discount.

Cutting smaller size R27/m2 excl VAT          icm@lantic.net

Woven Ground cover Black Roll

75 MULCH MAT PLASTIC FIXING PEGS for Weed Control Fabric Cover Membrane  Sheets 5060313902366 | eBay

Plastic nails for weed Mat R3.50  each



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RSA all seasons Green Turf grass Seed


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