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Germany Design Hydraulic gauge set, Pressure testing kit

ICM hydraulic Pressure gauge

hydraulic gauge set Pressure gauge Pressure testing kit Sa

Price:    R4,495 incl VAT    Item no. HPT

product name
Pressure Gauges Set with 10/25/40/60 Mpa
Model name
All Models
wooden case/ carton box
Delivery time
30 days
100% new
6-12 months


Brand ICM
Material Alloy Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH 15 x 11 x 6 inches

40cm x 30cm x 20cm

weight : 4 kg


  • Accurate Pressure Gauge: The hydraulic gauge kit has three pressure gauges of different ranges: 0-3500PSI/25MPa, 0-5800PSI/40MPa, 0-8600PSI/60MPa. With two units and precise graduations, the meters are accurate in measuring pressure.
  • Interchangeable Test Couplings: Eight interchangeable test couplings are included in this excavator hydraulic pressure test kit, with the sizes of G1/8, G1/4, G3/8, M10/1, M10/1.25, M14/1.5, UNF7/16-20, and UNF9/16-18, which are suitable for many kinds of standard excavators.
  • Durable Materials: This hydraulic gauge test kit contains corrosion resistance gauges and carbon steel couplings with high strength. The working oil filled in the meters effectively avoids vibration and pulsation.


  • Portable Case & 5.25' Test Hose: All parts of the hydraulic pressure test gauge are neatly stored and tightly placed in a thickened plastic toolbox. The compact design makes it save storage space and easy to carry. In addition, three test hoses help extend the pressure test gauge to the inside of the machine for easy reading.

 ICM  Hydraulic Test Gauge Kit with 10/25/40/60 Mpa Gauges with Silver Aluminium Alloy Case Pressure Gauge Set

Pressure Gauge Kit 25/40/60 Mpa/9 Couplings Excavator Parts Hydraulic Tester Coupling Hydraulic Pressure Test Kit for Excavator Construction Machinery (Hydraulic Pressure Test Kit)

  • Wide Application: This excavator hydraulic pressure gauge comfortably fits for pumps, compressors, hydraulic presses, pneumatic equipment, and motors of various excavators.


Plumbing Pipe pressure tester


Fully stainless steel


pump: Brass


Max Pressure 10 MPA


the Gage shows max 60 bar

Price: R2700 +VAT




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