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High Pressure split Solar Water geyser,  (Heater)  Sa

Price: 200 litres R 19,000 complete Excl  VAT

Price: 300 Litres R 27,000 complete Excl VAT

Prices are a little higher because the tank shall not be visible on the roof.

Direction on Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/qQi4kzrtnPAXZDZB8

High Pressure split Solar Water Geyser,  (Water Heater)

Split units (geyser can be inside the roof or on room level)  This a High quality item and not a cheap product price wise.

South Africa, We can send by Courier to: Botswana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, DRC, Zambia, Namibia , Cape town, JHB, Pretoria, Gauteng. 

Special price 19 April 2024  

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Product Description
I. The characteristics of split solar water heater with flat plate collector
1. Flat plate solar collector, can be installed on the roof with any slope, on the balcony or hung on the wall.
2. Integrated with building architecture with no impact to appearance.
3. Windproof.
4. Use most advanced and new imported collector system, with high heat absorption and transformation efficiency.
5. Use special medium as the transfer power and copper screw tube as heat exchanger, therefore the heat transmission and utilization is at a high efficient level.
6. Maintain steadily working condition under - 30 deg C.
7. Mount easily and has aesthetic appearance.
8. Meet the demand of wash and bathing. It is the most economical domestic hot water heater.
9. Work under pressure, hot water output large and pressure high.
10. Solar energy and electricity complement each other, and the system supply pure heat water all day long.
11. Fully automatic operation with water temperature continuously displayed.
12. Stainless steel inner tank (SUS304-2B) to assure clean water.
13. Polyurethane insulation layer to maintain effective heat storage.
14. Adapt to all construction circumstances and year round usage: The outdoor heat collection and circulation system resist frostbite, dirt contamination and leakage, therefore maintenance free.
15. Use high quality component to assure steady control, reliable circulation, low noise and minimum energy usage.
16. Electrical insulation design to prevent electrical leakage.

II Proformance and Parameter
I. Collector
(1) Up-to-date and economical flat style collector.
(2) Absorb area: 2sqm/unit
(3) Compression resistance: The inner structure can resist pressure of 0. 6Mpa
(4) Hail resistance: It can afford direct hit of φ25mm hailstone.
(5) Absorption over 95%, emission less than 3%
(6) Transmission medium: High absorption, low boiling point, fast heat transmission.
(7) Frame: Aluminous alloy.
(8) Flow rate: (55deg C~75deg C)100L/ unit per day.
(9) Electricity will be used in cloudy, rainy, snowy and misty condition. The supplemental electric power is about 2000W

Ii. Water tank
(1) Dimension: /200L/300L
(2) Heat preservation: Polyurethane foam
(3) Streamline appearance and practical design
(4) Operating pressure: 0. 6Mpa, and excellent hot water output

Iii. Control System: Automatically controlled by computer, yet allow customer modification flexibility.

Iv. The inlet and outlet of water pipe are designed to prevent electricity leakage.

V. Automatic circulation, adopt advanced mini pump, steady, reliable, low noise and low wastage.

Vi. Advanced pressure protection system, steady pressure along with equipment protection.
High quality hot water circulating DC pump and electric solar panel   



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