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         Vertical Garden Tower Hydroponics


 Introduction of Vertical Garden Tower Hydroponics For Sale:


Size: 35 cm wide 16cm high


1. Everybody can get involved with the 'Grow Your Own' trend that is sweeping the nation, even if you only have a small patio or balcony. 

2.Vertical Garden Tower Hydroponics consist of 3 or several Tiered Planter sections, 1 base and 1 hanging chain to optimize your available growing area.  

Vertical Garden Tower Hydroponics can be used as either a hanging or freestanding planter. The compact foot print of only 42cm high and 32cm in diameter is ideal for patios and balconies.

4. You can create your own combinations of fruit, flowers, vegetables or herbs. Vertical tower garden stackable planter stackable plastic pots have a capacity of 12 planting locations allowing you to have all of your favorite  fresh ingredients or flowers on your doorstep.



  The Project Showes of Vertical Garden Tower Hydroponics For Sale: 



Vertical Garden Tower Hydroponics For Sale are widely applied in all kind of hydroponic farms all over the world.     


  The Applications Of Vertical Garden Tower Hydroponics

1. Optimize available growing area with vertical, stacking sections.
2.Vertical Garden Tower Hydroponics For Sale Can be used as either a hanging or freestanding planter.
3. 12 planting locations, suitable for strawberries, herbs and any other seasonal vegetable or flower combination.
4. Ideal for patios and balconies.


  Sitting instructions for Vertical Garden Tower Hydroponics

      Choose a suitable site for the crops you intend to grow and make sure you can comfortably access all of the growing area. A sunny, but sheltered spot is most suitable. Try to plant your container near it's final location to avoid having to carry it when full.

1. To separate planter sections from base, twist in a clockwise direction.

2. Feed chain through centre hole in all planter sections and secure at bottom with the retaining clip .

3. Secure planter back to base by twisting in an anti-clockwise direction.

4. Spread your drainage material across the base of the bottom tier.

5. Fill the bottom tier with compost and position the 4 plants in the shaped sections.

6. Attach the 2nd tiered section and repeat steps 4&5.

7. Attach the 3rd tier section and repeat steps 4&5.

8. Water thoroughly.



                             Price per Pot R125 incl  VAT each

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Dutch bucket system

Drip Irrigation system



Solar security light with Lithium battery



Vertical Garden Tower Hydroponics sa

Available Colors':

   Light green,


   Cream colour,

   light blue.

Size: 35 cm wide 16cm high


Price per Pot R135 incl  VAT each

10% discount for quantity over 10


Ground cover sheet for weed protection




rotary corn seeder planter

Rotary hand seeder planter 

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Green house plastic sheeting


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Home hydoponic system kit SA

Home hydroponics system kit.



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